Social Media Marketing

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Business is all about relationships, and it depends on how SOCIAL you are…

From brand awareness to lead generation; your social media pages can do wonders if marketed right.

Unlike before where social media was just another means of engagement with your dear and near ones, today it has emerged to be one of the most powerful marketing mediums to generate brand awareness and engross with your following customer base. To an extent, your business is valued and measured based on how well you maintain your social media business pages and the customer engagement, and you find the respective icons on every website, redirecting the customer to judge. Social media Marketing like any other marketing needs a full-fledged vision and planning. A basic understanding that each and every social media platform has a different purpose to serve, a different audience to engage, different content to promote and different deliverables to expect is crucial. The platforms also follow the PPC advertising model of search engines and widen your business outreach.

Social Media Marketing plan differs from customer to customer and hence requires customization depending on the client objectives. Every social media platform is capable of generating brand awareness and business, but choosing the right one is the key. With over 10 years of experience, the resources at Whyrel have gathered the unique know-how, making them one of the most reliable social media marketing company in Kochi, Kerala and they indeed aim at providing one of the most results oriented social media marketing services in India, irrespective of being a B2B or B2C business model.

Social Media Marketing Process: Whyrel

  • After a thorough business understanding and competitor analysis, focus on the best social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked-in, Instagram, Quora, Whatsapp etc) that could fetch the brand with some good ROI.
  • Create an editorial calendar and plan a monthly strategy beforehand. Execute it with the approval of the client.
  • Make use of both paid and unpaid social media marketing strategies and drive in more genuine traffic and leads.
  • Hooking out of the box creatives for posting which drives in better customer engagement indeed boosting the brand.
  • Social media remarketing is another feature and could be the best customer retention model to generate quality conversions in terms of business.

By 2018, as the platforms are turning out to be more and more content and customer specific social media marketing also becomes critical as an extra care need to be given with your promotional materials. With whyrel you can actually perform a detailed analysis on the customer demographics, service/product buying probability through the social media platforms, perfect timing for each post on each platform, content delivery models and develop exclusive strategies to market out and drive in more online and offline footfalls. Outsource and learn is the mantra that Whyrel assures its customers where niche strategies are formed for specific platforms correlating customer advocacy, influencer marketing models, content specifications, all based on tool generated analytics and metrics, increasing the success ratio above 90%.

Social Media Marketing is not just confined to some likes, shares, pins or retweets, it’s a matter of keeping your brand value and new business in equilibrium.